8 Best Masticating Juicers of 2020

best masticating juicerHi there! My name is Diana and I would like to thank you for checking out my page. Like most mothers out there, I tend to make a lot of juices for my kids every now and then.

Over the years, I have tried many different types of juicers out there to make healthy and delicious green juices but sadly found the end result to be quite disappointing. Then I came across my first masticating juicer and it changed the way I made juices.

There are several masticating juicers in the market today. Hopefully, this little guide will help you to find the right one for your needs.

In a hurry and don’t have time to read my detailed reviews? No worries, check the top 3 masticating juicers (a.k.a cold pressed juicer).

Top 3 Masticating Juicers Picks (2020 Edition)

Best All Round Juicer

  • Omega NC900HDC

Best Value Juicer

  • Kuvings B6000P

Best Affordable Juicer

  • Aicok Slow Juicer

If you haven’t decided between the top 3 picks, below you’ll find detailed reviews for the 8 best masticating juicers on the market right now. Enjoy!

#1 Omega NC900HDC Juice Extractor – Best All Round Juicer

Omega NC900HDC Juice Extractor

Out of all the masticating juicers out there today, I find the Omega NC900HDC to be the best one overall due to a number of different reasons. The first thing that catches your eye is the classy yet graceful design that not only looks good but also helps it to stay firm on flat surfaces. Unlike some of its competitors, you don’t need to attach and remove suction cups every time you use and put them away. It also comes with a bigger feeding chute than other Omega models which means you can save on your valuable prepping time especially if you make juices every day.

What really makes the Omega NC900HDC the best juicer for me is not its looks but its ability to produce amazingly high yields and its versatility in juicing hard, thick fruits and vegetables along with soft leafy greens. Thanks to its single gear functionality, it generates less foam than other models thereby retaining more fiber. It’s truly amazing what this little machine can do. From carrots, apples, gingers to spinach, dandelion and even grapes and berries; you can pretty much make any juice that picks your fancy. I even found it to be quite useful to create desserts such as sorbets as well.

It works at a low speed of 80 RPMs so don’t expect it to quickly prepare your favorite juices. Because of the low speed, it is able to maintain a lower temperature which means that the juice will not only be healthier but it will also last for a longer time. I was also able to clean it properly within a few minutes which really surprised me. When you take everything it can do into consideration, you can’t help but smile at this wonderful little product. You get 15 years warranty that covers parts and performance.

4 Key Features

It comes with a bigger feeding chute allowing you to spend less time prepping.

Its low speed results in minimum heat buildup and makes the juices last longer.

You get to use 5 different settings for different types of fruits and vegetables.

It produces an astonishingly high yield and therefore brings a ton of value over time.

#2 Kuvings B6000P Slow Juicer- Best Value Juicer

Kuvings B6000P Slow Juicer

If you find peeling and chopping up different ingredients to be a painstaking task like I do, then the Kuvings B6000P slow juicer is the ideal juicer to have. It’s the world’s first wide mouth juicer and comes with a 240W heavy duty motor for extracting fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. It also has the biggest chute out of all the different masticating juicers out there with its 3 inch feeding tube. The bigger the chute, the lesser time you need to spend prepping so this one really excels at saving your precious time.

One of its best aspects is that it is quite versatile and you won’t need anything else to meet your juicing needs. I found it to be very useful not only to make fruit and vegetable juices but also frozen sorbets and smoothies. Moreover, I was delighted to see that a 75 page recipe book was included with it which gives it extra value for your money. Speaking of extra value, you also get a sorbet maker, cleaning tool and smart cap too.

When it comes to speed, the Kuvings B6000P Slow Juicer slices ingredients at 60 RPM which is slower than the Omega NC900HDC but it does help in preserving nutrients quite effectively. It also delays the oxidation process and keeps the juice fresher for a longer time. With the free smart cap you get with it, you can make mixed juices and rinse between recipes conveniently and easily. You can also detach it whenever you want to clean it. It may be bulky but if you can get past its size, it can bring plenty of value in the long run while pumping out fresh and healthy juices for years to come.

4 Key Features

It comes with an extra-wide 3 inch feeding chute.

You get added value as it comes with various extra goodies.

It comes with BPA free components that will keep the juice free of unwanted chemicals.

It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

#3 Aicok Slow Juicer – Best Affordable Juicer

Aicok Slow Juicer

Out of all the masticating juicers I have tried, I found the Aicok Slow Juicer to be the best budget option in the market today. My main worry was that a budget masticating juicer wouldn’t be as reliable or safe as the premium ones. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how wrong I was about its quality and performance. One of its unique aspects is that it uses a 7 segment spiral system that extracts nutrients efficiently and provides a high yield with minimum oxidation.

I also noticed that the pulp was properly separated from the juice and it created very little foam. If you like your drinks to be smooth and delicious, then you will not be disappointed with this one. It’s also very easy to disassemble whenever you need to clean it. All the parts are also dishwasher friendly so you can just pop them in there without worrying about any breakage. There are two main functions in the Aicok Slow Juicer; namely “ON” and “R”. When you press “ON”, the juicer will start normally but when you press “R” it starts to run in the reverse direction to release the ingredients. This prevents ingredients from clogging up the machine and allows you to clean it more easily.

I also find it important to note that this juicer utilizes food grade Tritan materials which are used for infant products and is therefore safe for babies, kids, adults and old people alike. The spiral system uses a PMMA material so the juice will never have that weird metallic taste that some juicers produce. If you are looking for an affordable masticating juicer that comes with great performance and high quality, then the Aicok Slow Juicer will be a great option.

4 Key Features

Reverse function helps to clean the juicer more easily and prevents blockage.

It runs below 60 decibels allowing you to make your favorite juices discreetly in the mornings.

It is made up of food grade materials and therefore safe for babies, kids and adults.

It comes with a 2 year quality assurance and lifelong technical consultation.

#3 Tribest Greenstar Pro GS-P502 – Best Twin Gear juicer

Tribest Greenstar Pro

There are many different types of masticating juicers out there today. While it is common knowledge that juicers with a low RPM are able to extract more nutrients from ingredients, there are products that do the same at high RPMs too. The Tribest Greenstar Pro is one such juicer as it is able to preserve nutrients while running at a speed of 110 RPM. This is made possible, thanks to the bio-magnets used in the juicer’s gears.

Usually, professional grade juicers can handle heavy loads but I found this one to be lower with a duty cycle of only 30 minutes. There is a silver lining though; the rapid rotations brought about by the higher 110 RPM enables the juicer to do a lot more work in lesser time. Different juicers have different strengths to them. This one is great for juicing hard vegetables like carrots or fruits like apples as you get exceptionally high yields along with great consistency. However, I did find it to be a little weak when it comes to softer ingredients. To solve this problem, you could try alternating between both types of ingredients which worked well for me when I tried it out.

Another unique aspect of this juicer is that it is entirely made up of stainless steel and not plastic like some of its competitors. When I used it, I found it to have a really solid and premium feel to it. It also comes with an easy clean locking mechanism which allows you to remove the gears quickly and conveniently. You know that this juicer is built to last when you look at its 15 year warranty for personal use. So if you are looking for a twin gear professional grade masticating juicer, then give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.

4 Key Features

It comes with a tamper holder for more convenient storage when you are not juicing.

The twin gears can produce juice quicker while not compromising on the nutrient value.

Doubles as a homogenizer and can be used for grinding and preparing sorbet, breadsticks and noodles.

It comes with a 15 year warranty for household use and 3 years for commercial use.

#5 Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 – Best and Quietest Slow Juicer

Tribest Slowstar SW 2000

If you have small kids like me, then you know how disastrous it would be if the loud sound of your juicer woke them up on a lazy weekend morning. The result would be complete pandemonium. Here is where the Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 comes in. It is virtually silent and quite versatile in terms of functionality. Apart from producing juices, desserts and sorbets, it can also be used to mince food and acts as a homogenizer as well. The mincing attachment that comes with it expands its range of use and gives you solid value when it comes to money.

Where this juicer really shines is its 200 W motor and 3 stage reduction gears that can produce up to 2-3 times more torque than standard masticating juicers. The feeding chute is 1.5 inch x 2.5 inch which isn’t the biggest but it’s sufficient for home use. It also comes with a duo blade auger that helps to compensate for its super slow motor by finishing double the work in half the time. Therefore, the slow speed of 47 RPM doesn’t end up compromising the quality of the juice produced.

The twin blades are made up of Ultem making it 8 times stronger than the plastic ones used in standard masticating juicers. In terms of value, you get a mincing attachment, a plunger, a cleaning brush and a pulp wiping assembly allowing you to get the most value. If you love slow juicers but are looking for one that can cut down on time while maintaining the same nutritional value, then the Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 is the best one to choose. I had a blast making juices on this one and I’m sure that you’ll have a great time too!

4 Key Features

It’s incredibly quiet and perfect for making juices early morning before you hit the gym.

It comes with different housing for mincing and homogenizing and offers a ton of versatility.

It comes with mostly stainless parts making it easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

It comes with a 10 year warranty.

#6 Champion G5-PG710 – Best Heavy Duty Juicer

Champion G5-PG710

There are plenty of masticating juicers available in the market today for home use; but what about commercial use? Well, if you are seeking a heavy duty juicer that can pump out delicious and nutritious juices all day long, then the aptly named Champion G5-PG710 is the one to go for. The entire body is made up of durable and heavy duty parts. The moment I held it, I knew that it was built to last for a very long time. The build quality and finishing on this machine are really superb.

It comes with a stainless steel shaft which not only makes it easy to clean as ingredients won’t get stuck but it also lasts for a long time even with heavy usage. It gives you a richer, deeper colored juice with all its nutrients preserved without compromising on flavor. Its single auger construction allows for continuous juicing and comes with automatic pulp ejection which I found to be quite convenient. The 1/3 horsepower 650 Watt motor performs effortlessly and flawlessly with heavy and continuous usage.

The feeding chute is only 1.74 inches in diameter though and I did find it to be quite cumbersome when it comes to prepping fruits and vegetables. It’s a minor flaw though but do keep that in mind before you buy it. Where it excels, however, is in its ability to work with vast quantities of ingredients in succession. With the in-built homogenizer, you can also make ice cream, fresh fruit sorbets, purees and even baby food. If you have a small business making healthy juices or have juicing as a hobby which you would like to take seriously, then this one will be a great one to pick.

4 Key Features

Incredible build quality and a very durable body that will last for a long time.

It’s ideal for business purposes and can handle vast quantities of produce superbly.

It comes with a powerful 650 Watt motor ideal for high capacity juicing purposes.

It comes with a 10 year warranty on parts, 3 years for the motor and 1 year for the blades.

#7 SKG Q8 Slow Juicer – Best Wide Dual Chute Juicer

SKG Q8 Slow Juicer

If you are like me and don’t have a lot of time to prep fruits and vegetables before putting them into a juicer, you need to get one with a wide feeding chute. The SKG Q8 comes with an ultra-wide 3.15 inch feeding chute that allows you to put a lot of ingredients in a single session. You get two types of feeders with it; one is 3.15 inches and meant for bigger ingredients like an apple whereas the other is 1.75 inches for putting long but thin ingredients like carrots.

The wider chute also makes cleaning easy and convenient too. With narrow chutes, you usually end up with blockages that take more time to clean properly. It is a slow juicer though and comes with a 250 Watt motor that runs at 45 RPM. I did notice a minor flaw though as it sometimes struggles to perform when you use it for more than 10 minutes continuously. The wider chute does make up for this but it would have been a far superior product if it could have handled continuous juicing sessions for a longer time.

You also get the reverse function that makes it spin in the opposite direction to release the ingredients and helps to clean the machine more conveniently. It also comes at an affordable price tag and is made up of food grade anti-oxidation materials. This is more of a casual masticating juicer though and should be used accordingly. Do make sure that you don’t put very hard ingredients in it as it may end up breaking the juicer. If you are looking for a vertical masticating juicer that takes up less space and requires very less prepping time, then the SKG Q8 Slow Juicer is a great option.

4 Key Features

It comes with a wide 3.15 inch wide feeding chute and a 1.75 inch long chute for more efficient juicing.

It produces juices that have a 3 day shelf life.

It produces a high juice yield and better nutrient retention, thanks to the low RPM.

It comes with a 2 year warranty.

#8 Kuvings C7000PR Whole Slow Juicer – Best Vertical Juicer

Kuvings C7000PR Whole Slow Juicer

At first glance, the Kuvings C7000PR took my breath away with its gorgeous design that just flows from top to bottom. The design is clean and simple and looks great no matter what type of kitchen it is in. All the parts are made up of BPA free plastic which makes it safe for children and adults alike. It is a bit heavier than other models though but at the same time it is quite sturdy too. It comes with a 3 inch feeding chute as well, thereby allowing you to have a shorter prepping time.

You get a lot of useful attachments such as a pulp strainer, a cleaning tool, a smart cap, a detachable hopper and a sorbet maker. The cleaning tool is specially designed for the strainer and allows you to clean it quickly. With the sorbet maker attachment, I was able to make some delicious frozen desserts quite easily. I found the detachable hopper to be very useful too as it makes putting smaller ingredients more convenient.

The 240 Watt motor offers a good amount of torque and manages to crush ingredients effortlessly, thanks to its 60 RPM low speed technology. The extracted juice can be stored up to 72 hours without losing its freshness. I also got very little pulp and foam when I tried making wheatgrass juice. The pulp that remained was also dry and easy to remove. All in all, if you are looking for a great value vertical masticating juicer, then the Kuvings C7000PR is one of the best options to go for in today’s market.

4 Key Features

It comes with a wide 3 inch wide feeding chute and a custom designed sieve.

The auto feed feature doesn’t require you to use any tools to push ingredients through the chute.

Vertical design helps to save space in your kitchen.

It comes with a 10 year warranty.

Top Rated Masticating Juicer Brands


Champion is a very well-known brand in the juicer industry and offers a range of products ranging from heavy duty commercial grade juicers to small household ones. They have been developing products for more than five decades now and their experience really shows as far as quality and reliability are concerned.


Hurom came into being in 1974 and has been leading the market with innovative features and technology. They really excel in creating carefully designed juicers and have consistently brought high quality products to the market. They also brought innovation to the world’s first slow juicer with their Slow Squeeze Technology and have won multiple awards for their innovative products.

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne was a highly motivated and inspirational icon when it came to personal fitness. All his years of nutritional and fitness expertise culminated in one of the best juicer companies known today. Their juicers combine both simplicity and functionality like no other and have transformed into an iconic brand today.


Another well-known juicer brand, Omega has several decades of providing high quality products under their belt. They have a massive range of juicers designed to meet almost any juicing need one may have. If you want variety, this is the brand to look for.


Kuvings is a South Korean company that has established itself as a major player in the nutrition based kitchen appliances industry. They have developed juicers that come with some of the widest feeding chutes in the industry with some allowing you to place entire fruits and vegetables in them. They also provide numerous affordable products for the budget conscious consumer.

Masticating Juicer Buying Guide

What is a Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicers, also known as cold press juicers, are used for a variety of purposes such as extracting juice, food processing and powder grinding food materials. They are mostly slow juicers and are known for providing high yields and very little pulp. They are also great for extracting maximum nutritional value from fruits and vegetables and producing juice that not only tastes great but stays fresh for a long time.

Is Cold Pressed Juice Good For You?

Yes! The slow juicing process helps to retain essential nutrients and ensures freshness. Some can produce juices that can last up to 72 hours without losing their freshness. By drinking it, you can allow your body to get vitamins and minerals in a single setting. It’s perfect for those who usually jog in the morning or hit the gym regularly.

What to Look For?

It depends on several factors such as your personal requirements, preferred noise levels and usage versatility. There are plenty of different types of masticating juicers in the market today. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the right one for your needs.

How to Use Them?

Masticating juicers are extremely simple to use. Once you have cut your ingredients, all you have to do is put them through the feeding chute and power up the juicer. Some juicers have dual chutes while others have only one. Some also come with additional parts and allow you to use the juicer as a food processor or grinder.

How to Clean Them?

Almost every masticating juicer comes with attachable parts which can be easily attached and removed when you want to clean them. However, not all of them are dishwasher friendly. Given below are the basic steps for cleaning your juicer.

  1. Unplug the juicer
  2. Remove the individual parts especially the container for the pulp.
  3. Rinse each piece under running water or put them in your dishwasher.
  4. If your juicer isn’t dishwasher friendly, use a small brush to clean the parts properly.
  5. Soak them in the sink and add some dish soap.
  6. Wash them properly and dry with a soft cloth.

Should You Go For a Single Auger or a Double Auger?

Whether to go for a single speed juicer or a double speed one can be quite confusing. The former is usually more affordable and less complex and is used mostly to extract juices from small fruits and vegetables. They are targeted towards casual consumers who don’t drink juice regularly. The latter are more expensive but are usually better in terms of capacity, functionality and versatility. They come with 2 gears and are ideal for health and fitness enthusiasts who take their nutritional consumption more seriously.

The Bottomline

Buying a masticating juicer may seem like a daunting task at first. It did for me and I found myself getting overwhelmed with the number of choices out there. Over the years, I have bought and used several juicers from various brands with varying experiences.

I was able to understand more about them and seek out the best ones for my juicing needs. If you ask for my word, I would say – Before you buy one, always make sure you do your research and you will be able to find the right one in no time at all.


Hi, I’m Diana!

I’m the goofy mom (3 beautiful kids) behind JuicerWatch! I’ve created this site to help people like you choose the right juicer and also to share various juice recipes that I come across. Stay healthy!

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